Software created for SHIPs by SHIPs

SHIPtools is a web-based system that captures, communicates and connects data effectively at local, regional, state and national levels.

Volunteers like to see how they are helping people in their communities. Organizations must track aging services provided for funding.  Field staff use the data to determine targeted outreach strategies. State programs are required to report program data to comply with federal grant requirements. The list of people who want or need to be ‘in the know’ about your program’s data stories is endless.


Why choose SHIPtools?

Experienced Staff

  • Over a decade of experience in the aging network
  • Working knowledge of SHIPs
  • Seven plus years helping SHIPs satisfy NPR requirements

Collaborative Development

  • Strong committment to continuous improvement
  • Regularly released client driven enhancements
  • Easily accessible support team

Modular Functionality

  • Encourages intra and interprogram feature development
  • Customizable feature sets
  • Connect data that lives in different places without creating more work