Give your data a voice

Communicating your data stories should be easy. If SHIPtools captures the information, then there are two ways to access it in real-time to interpret what it is saying: 

    SHIPtools contains built in reports that quickly aggregate a program’s most often accessed information.
    Most data fields in SHIPtools are included as filters and columns so users can create and run their own reports.

SHIPtools contains a complex and very flexible system of privileges and roles to grant access to information at an individual, organizational, regional and/or state perspective based on the program’s unique needs.

SHIPtools understands that as many similarities as exist amongst aging programs, that is also how many differences there are.  The reality is that often times funding within the aging network traverses many different grants, each with their own sometimes similar, sometimes different reporting requirements.  The ability of SHIPtools to economically customize how data is captured for your program means that the way it is communicated can also be unique to you. 

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